Of all the funeral cards, that circulate out there, I wonder how many ever find their way back to the families of origin. A simple funeral card is the summation of a life lived.
Enjoy the discovery process.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

High-Definition Genealogy & Eureka

Anyone new to the genealogy world and is wanting to learn about networking, Thomas MacEntee delivers.  His ability to deliver instruction with humor allows him to stand out in the emerging crowd of online genealogists.
Today, I stumbled across his new website, High Definition Genealogy Family History in Focus.  If you have a "how do I do this" question.  Thomas MacEntee delivers again and again. 
Thanks to his instruction and inspiration, I have decided to take my budding idea of Funeral Cards and Genealogy to Facebook. 
Thomas would be proud that I watched his video instruction and had 6 followers before I could get the full group loaded on Facebook.  Hugs and kisses to Thomas.

1 comment:

Thomas MacEntee said...

thanks so much for the kind words! I hope I can live up to all the expectations! So far this has been a fun venture for me!