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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wolfgang Fechter

Ebay seller, 4lilkitties, of Iron River, MI, provides the following information about the card, "Wolfgang Fechter, born 28 August 1831, died 11 June 1908 -- The card is written all in German text."
At first genealogy jump, I have located his place of residence, occupation, year of immigration to the United States and three family members.  As an experiment for the five followers of the Funeral Cards blog, let's open up the comments and see what you are able to locate about Mr. Fechter.  The key is to provide where you found your information about Mr. Fechter.  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

from Donna Martin-Netherton:

Wolfgang Fechter family found in 1900 US Census living in Milwaukee, WI.

Household members in 1900 census, enumerated 5 June :

1) Wolfgang Fechter, age 67,born Aug., 1831 married 44 yrs. (1856). Came to America from Germany in 1855, now a naturalized citizen. Occ: Grocery Dealer.

2)Wife, Barbara,(maiden name unknown) born in Feb.,1836 in Germany, now age 64. Had 9 children, 2 living as of 1900 census. Not yet naturalized as of the census.

3) Grandson Henry Hoffman, age 15, b. April, 1885 in Colorado. Father born in Germany, Mother born in WI. Thus, his Mother was a daughter of Wolfgang & Barbara.

4) Grandson Leo Camins, age 15 b Sept., 1884 in Michigan. Father born PA, Mother born WI, thus his Mother was a daughter of Wolfgang & Barbara Fechter

Dee said...

Great information. Fechter seems an unusual surname. I wonder how many are in the United States today and if they descended from Wolfgang and Barbara Fechter.

Anonymous said...

from Donna....

RE: Descendants of Wolfgang Fechter:

This is most likely the daughter of Wolfgang & Barbara Fechter...Elizabeth Camins' 'details' on the 1900 census fit the info for Leo Camins stated as grandson of Wolfgang.

Per US Census: By 1900 Wolfgang and Barbara only had two living children...both were daughters.
So, unless they had sons who reached adulthood and had offspring prior to 1900 (possible!) ..Wolfgang's descendants are from the two daughters.

Then, by searching for a 'Camins' surname, with Wolfgang Fechter as 'Father' and Barbara as 'Mother' we find:

1900 United States Federal Census about Elizabeth Camins:
Name: Elizabeth Camins < most likely a daughter of Wolfgang Fechter
[Elizabeth Camino]
Home in 1900: Iron River, Iron, Michigan
Age: 33
Birth Date:Jun 1867 < Wolfgang & Barbara married 1856 so this fits.
Birthplace: Wisconsin < matches Leo's Mother info from 1900 census of Wolfgang's household.
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relationship to Head of House: Wife
Father's Birthplace: Germany < fits Wolfgang's info in post#1
Mother's Birthplace: Germany < fits Barbara 's info in post #1
Mother: number of living children: 5
Mother: How many children: 5
Spouse's name: Frank
Marriage Year: 1883
Marital Status: Married
Years Married: 17
Residence : Iron River Village, Iron, Michigan

Household Members:
Name Age
Frank Camins 43
Elizabeth Camins 33 < census lists her parents as both born in Germany so this fits Wolfgabg's data.
Leo Camins 15 < listed as attending Marquette College in Milwaukee. Note: This is SAME person listed in 1900 census (see post #1) as a grandson of Wolfgang Fechter.
John Camins 13
Mary Camins 10
Anna Camins 6
Helen Camins 2

So it appears Leo Camins was either living w/ his grandparents, (Wolfgang & Barbara) while attending school or 'happened to be there visiting' during the enumeration. The former is the most likely.

By tracking the children from this family : living family members could probably be located.

Anonymous said...

from Donna Martin-Netherton:
Just an FYI:
this Funeral card as posted currently on eBay.....


Ebay Seller states it came from a home in Iron River, MI..this info connects easily to the post (on Feb 14th)..re: his daughter "Elizabeth Camins"...so we're on the right track!