Of all the funeral cards, that circulate out there, I wonder how many ever find their way back to the families of origin. A simple funeral card is the summation of a life lived.
Enjoy the discovery process.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Collecting Funeral Cards

The past couple of weeks has been spent more in preparation and gathering funeral cards to present to the followers of Funeral Cards and Genealogy.  Soon to arrive in the mailbox are six funeral cards.  The cards of the following are: Reuben R. Aldrich; Mrs. Caroline Aldrich; Mrs. Edward Croxall; Sarah E. Kehler; Lillie Puckett and Nettie F. Warner.  Yes, Mrs. Edward Croxall has been reviewed recently, however there will be new development presented from the eBay seller.
Also, there are several March eBay issued funeral cards pending a write up and presentation. 
Tomorrow is a big day for F. C. & G. -- we will have our first Friday of the month, Funeral Card Friday.  Several have signed up to post a photo and short description of their funeral card.  For those of you in the blog world, you are welcomed to attend. Click on Find Us on Facebook.
Who knew a person could have this much genealogy fun with funeral cards?

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