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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Genevieve Akard's Letters

Every genealogist can recall the catalyst that sparked their interest in genealogy.  For Treasure Chest Thursday, I wish to pay homage to the significant elder in the Akard family that inspired me to learn more about our family history.  In 1972, Genevieve Perry Akard, a military wife of my father’s cousin, was passionately diligent in writing and telephoning all the people with the surname Akard.  Her inquiry letter arrived and for our family it was big event because something other than a bill notice had been placed in our mailbox.  I can still vividly recall, standing on the front porch, as I read her letter aloud to my father and sister.  Since mother had died, Dad designated it my responsibility to respond to her letter.
Throughout the years, I would correspond frequently with Genevieve and always welcomed her insight and family stories.  As Genevieve began to age and it came time for her to move in with her children, she once again thought of me.  Her son, David Akard, brought me a paper bag full of Genevieve’s old genealogy correspondence.  Each letter is a treasure and so many riddles solved before I even knew to form the question.  Although, Genevieve is no longer with us—she is in spirit.  She will always be my genealogy spark. ~


lindalee said...

I guess my spark was would be both of my grandmothers. They both told me stories and they both left photos and family items that have come into my possession.

Casey R. Akard said...

How ironic that I check on my own family lineage via the internet and find my grandmother, Genevieve Akard, mentioned in your blog! How wonderful that she has been the inspiration for your own investigations into your genealogy!
David passed away this past year, but he, too, had that same inquisitive nature about himself. We talked numerous times how Mama Gene would spend countless hours pouring through library records and contacting people around the globe to find out more about our family lineage. Had the internet been around in her days, it would have made her process much easier in her journey.
I'm thrilled that I stumbled across the post. Best wishes to you, and may God bless you.

Dee said...

Casey ~ I am thrilled beyond measure to receive your post. Genevieve, your grandmother, was a gifted genealogist. Not only did she enjoy her hobby, she had the wisdom to pass the love of knowledge about the Akard family. Her genealogy research is the very foundation of my Akard tree. I was saddened to learn of David's passing. Equally thrilled that a plaque honoring him was erected at his school. If you would like to have complete access to the Akard tree on Ancestry, please let me know. Your grandfather Jack (nephew) & my grandfather John (uncle) were very similar in appearance.