Of all the funeral cards, that circulate out there, I wonder how many ever find their way back to the families of origin. A simple funeral card is the summation of a life lived.
Enjoy the discovery process.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Preparing for a Presentation

Today at Funeral Cards and Genealogy, I am preparing for a May presentation at the Red River Genealogical Society in Clarksville, Texas.  The topic is "How to Search for Your Living Relatives."  The subject is a captivating subject and one that has been brought to light by television shows like "The Locator" and "Who Do You Think You Are?"
A thought that occurred to me is how many relatives we have and are not aware of their relationship to us.  The old saying, “You should be nice to everyone—they may be related” applies here.
On my genealogy journey, I have been so blessed to find family members near and far that have enhanced my knowledge of the many family trees I have researched. 
In May, when I present at the society meeting, I will be among distant cousins and friends.

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